Google Tools

Google is the worlds most popular all propose search engine, and therefore it is important for them to rank your website for you to do well on natural searching.

To help you with this, google provides a range of free tools which we can help you set up and understand to increase the views on your website, and the conversions of it.

Google Analytics

Google's Analytical tool is one of the best tools of it's kind.

It provides to the minute data which is both simple to use and easy to understand. You can find out where all your visitors are coming from, what pages they visit, and how long they spent on each one.

This means that you can find out what is working for you and what isn't so that you can keep your visitors for longer, and make a better impression on them, resulting in a higher turnover.

All websites we make are linked to Google analytics for you free of charge to enable you to make the best out of this fantastic tool.

Google Webmasters

While the Google webmasters tool is not the most simple task to use, it is none the less an important one.

From here you can see a lot of information about what google thinks of your site, and how it appears to others. Some of the information you can see:

  • How you rank on google for search terms.
  • What keywords google things are the most important on your site.
  • Which people are linking to you
  • If there are any errors from missing links or such.

This will also be set up for you free of charge when we develop a site. However you will have full control over it as with everything else, but we can monitor it for you on a weekly or monthly basis if you wish.

Google AdWords

One of the most popular CPC campaigns is Google's Adwords.

While it is not the cheapest way to get customers to your site, it is both fast and efficient. A properly created campaign can bring a lot of people to your site fast. Resulting in an instant traffic source at little effort.

This works by bidding on selected keywords to display your advert. When people click your advert you are charged depending on where you were in the rankings for that term.

We have extensive experience in created AdWord accounts and can make them highly specific to the audience you which to target which reduces bounce rate, false impressions, and increases your advert score, which in turn reduces the cost of each click.