Hosting & Emails

After building your website for you we will then host it on our servers at a UK data center. As we made your website and know the CMS it runs on, we have optimised our servers to be able to give you an incredible service.

Hosting Services

Hosting with us means hosting with someone you can trust. We constantly monitor the servers states, and we know the moment any minor problem occurs, allowing us to fix it quickly and efficently.

Backups of all sites is done frequenty, both onsite and offsite. So in the unlikely case of any problem, we will have no trouble retrieving any of your data, and getting the websites back online quickly. Instead of pretending like problems never happen, we just strive to make sure we have done everything we can to minamise their impact on your business.

We only host websites we have built ourselves, which means that no one elses code can comprimise our servers.

Email Services

We have our own e-mail server and can set up your company e-mails to run through it. You will be able to read them from any computers e-mail program, along with most mobile phones and tablets.

We can set them up with their own inbox, or just forward them to an existing e-mail account, or both.

And you can stay connecting 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.