Content Management

With the internet constantly changing, it is vital to be able to make updates and changes right away without any waiting. Because of this, all of our websites come with an easy-to-use Content Management System to put control in your hands.

Our CMS allows you edit almost all of your website on the pages themselves. Simply click a button to and you can drag things around the page to move them, or click them to edit. You will be able to change the layout, add new images or text, or any other modules you like.

You can also add as many pages as you like, with no limits.

Front End Editing

Most of the pages on your website will not be controlled by the admin pages. Instead they will be content pages, providing information and images to entise the visitor into using your services. Content pages are highly flexible and you can change almost everything on them.

When logged in as an admin you can view all the pages in 'edit' mode. This shows you the location of each and every item on the page.

From the front end you can:

  • Drag and drop them to change their position.
  • Create a new box to add new content.
  • Delete one you no longer need.
  • Change the words in any text box.
  • Update or resize any image or gallery.
  • Add links, downloads for files, or even a google map.

All of this provides you with an immense amount of control over your content, allowing you to chop and change it as you see fit.

We feel that the person who most knows what your clients want to read is yourself. So the best person to keep it up to date must also be you. And so now you can!

Admin Panel

We try to give you as much control over your website in your admin panel.

By providing you with a range of quick, and easy to understand, statistics about your website you can easily see the effects of your marketing and health of your site.

The stats we provide for easy access are:

  • Google analytic pages, visitors, and bounce tates, for the past 7 days.
  • Pages and visitors per week, for the past 12 months.
  • Server Activity, how much new content is being produced.
  • Realtime server access logs. Who is looking at your website, and what pages.
  • Realtime events logs, keep track of when users log in/out, or anything is added or changed.

From the admin menu you will be able to change any of the data from modules that you have had installed. You can add or edit your blog posts, read the backup of messages from contact forms, update your menu with the latest item, and more depending upon your needs.

You'll also find an easy to navigate, multi tiered, media file system. Here you can upload any number of images, videos, or other documents. You can then use the images you upload here in the front end to produce galleries showing the wonders of your last event, or making rotating images on the top of all of your pages.

You can also provide links to the media files in e-mails, or place links on your website, so that all your visitors can download them.

Any of the site settings can also be changed from here and you will recieve full training in how to use it.