Web Development

While web design is better known, web development is just as important. Design is how a website looks, development is about what it does.

While most websites only need to have the basics of text and images, many websites now include further functionality like a blog or portfolio.

Our development team is highly skilled in creating this additional functionality, and the platform that we use is infinitely scalable.

So far, we have produced event management systems, interactive restaurant menus, and social media platforms.

As well as being able to build websites, we can also build complete web systems which can help to automate various aspects of what your company does. This is both cheaper than having a custom program written for you, and more flexible as you'll be able to access it anytime via the internet.

While some jobs may be harder then others, there's very little that we can't do.

Basic Widgets

Our Content Management System allows you to create the look and feel of your website by using widgets to place the content onto the page.

All websites come with a range of basic widgets including text and images, which lets you be in complete control of the content on your website.

Advanced Widgets

We can also install extra widgets for you to increase the functionality of your site. We have a range of prebuilt widgets which we can install into your website to match your design.

Some of these work differently to the basic widgets as the content of them is control via the admin menu, this helps by altomaticly generating the pages for them to keep a uniform look and feel on the website and helping with SEO.

Custom Anything!

We can write you modules to do anything you want it to, allowing for complete customisation of your website. All modules run from admin set data the same as above, but they can be used to capture any data you want, and show if off however you like. If you have any questions on if we can do something for you, please just give us a call and ask!

So far we have written several custom social networks, and many internal data processing systems.