Website Support

Every now and then things go wrong, and it always good to know that when they do, someone is there to help.

We provide support on all websites that we build so that you'll be looked after all year round.

Sites made by us

We always endeavorer to help as much as we can with getting your site live, and to the point you are wholy satisfied with the end prodcut. But creating a website is just the first stage of getting your online marketing ready. Therefore we don't see the creating of your website to be the end of our working relationship, but the start of one which we hope will last for years to come.

Once your site is up and running, will we be on hand for you to contact reguarding any aspect of your website. If you need a refresher for editing your website, or need us to help make some small changes for you, we're only a phone call away.

We are always happy to help, and no question is to small or silly to ask.

While we don't charge for advice, we do charge for updates, modifications, and improvements to your code or design. We can also create or install more modules once your site has been implemented.

We can provide either a maintenance contract, which will include a set number of hours work per month at a reduced price, or we can make changes on a per hourly charge. The choice is up to you.

Sites not made by us

We can help to maintain nearly any PHP based website, either on our servers or not.

However due to the nature of editing websites we have not built, we can not guarantee any result. Also, we do not provide any form of maintenance contract for this sort of work, and charge our normal hourly fee.

We do NOT support Wordpress.